The Story Is Not Over: How is US Foreign Policy at the UN affecting women's rights?

  • October 02, 2019
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • 19 University Place, Room 102, New York, NY 10003


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When Eleanor Roosevelt moved back to Hyde Park after her husband's death in 1945, she famously told reporters "The story is over". However, the very same year, she became the only woman among the five American delegates to the newly-created United Nations. Since her time, US foreign policy at the UN has continued to have a substantial impact on the lives of women around the world. President Trump's foreign policy is seen by many as novel and breaking with tradition. What have been the historical objectives of US foreign policy at the UN and have they changed recently? How have these objectives affected women around the world, some of which in very vulnerable conditions? How important has the gender perspective been for US foreign policy, historically and today? How have other groups and countries responded to US policy in this area?

Join YPFP and co-host NYU for a panel discussion addressing some of these questions. RSVP today!

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Cynthia Rothschild:

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