Engage & Create. Put your leadership skills to the test

  • January 18, 2023
  • June 30, 2023



Do you have an idea for an event? Engage & Create. Put your leadership skills to the test

Every month our YPFP London team receives multiple emails from our members with requests for various interdisciplinary events, workshops or roundtables within the field of foreign policy. And we finally decided to expand the pool of opportunities.

YPFP London is proud to launch our first edition of "Engage & Create. Lead" programme, aiming to directly develop the leadership skills of young professionals and students with keen interest in public policy. Whatever your interest or passion within foreign affairs, we want you to get creative and submit your ideas for an initiative you would like to see reality. Our team at YPFP London will help you design and put together an event, supporting you every step of the way so you can successfully make your initiative happen. Taking part in supporting mentoring sessions will give you skills to validate your idea effectively and pitch your idea with clarity and enthusiasm, to help you gain confidence, meet like-minded people and have fun!  

Send us your idea to london@ypfp.org. Engage and Create. Lead.